Michl Hartny.

If you were thinking you’d like to see a sketch where everyone is Russian spies but one of them sounds Australian, but you’d also like the actors onstage to deal with map mishaps, such a thing exists.

Written by Katie Simon
Starring Michael Hartney, Joel Weidl, Livia Scott, Shalyah Evans, Ann Carr and Kristen Acimovic

Featured in the 6/9/14 Legs For Days Show
Directed by Benjamin Apple


Characters Welcome’s new video is all about the safety lectures and how teachers try to make them more entertaining. 

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Turns out Football Fantasy is not the same thing as Fantasy Football. 



We have another fun show for you on Thursday! Get ready for stories, characters, special guests, and the best mood lighting in town!

Audience members can put their name in for a chance to perform a 5 minute true story or a set of sketch characters. We’ll close the show with our stellar guest…

Doing characters at this show tonight! See you there, dudez!

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No matter how famous he gets, he won’t forget to tell you he’s FROM THE BRONX. 

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